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Azienda Agricola Prione

The Wine

The taste of wine is like music: infinitely varied.

The vineyards

The secrets of good wine should be sought in the stone of the vineyard. In Prione, under a first clay layer, the roots meet the red flaky rock, which gives the wine unique aromas and flavours. The vineyard is the genetic heritage of each wine, and studying and working on it allows us to grasp its importance and maximise its potentials. The vineyards of the Azienda Agricola Prione open out on a surface characterised by many natural terracings facing south.

Wine is so much more than just an alcoholic beverage. To taste a wine means absorbing its history, the symbolic power and force of reconciliation. Wine is magic. But the magic wand is in the hands of Nature. Clemente uses his deep knowledge of the natural process of which we are spectators and intervenes when and wherever necessary on his farm through great care and persistent dedication.

The Harvest

The grapes are picked by hand and placed in small baskets to avoid premature mashing. A meticulous natural selection ensures that only the perfect grapes fall into the fermentation tank. This accurate selection allows the wine produced to reach high densities and juiciness.
Picking occurs at different times depending on the grape variety. Each year, the grape picking season turns out to be a celebration and moment to be shared with family and friends.


Making wine, just like writing poems, mixing perfumes or raising children, is a simple yet complex process. While nature runs its course, the fermentation process is characterised by attentive daily controls. Aromas and flavours of some wines are further characterised by ageing in small oak barrels. Clemente silently cuddles the magic that is brewing.


Each wine has its characteristic aroma and flavour.
An aroma changes with time. Sometimes it is delicate and at times it can be very intense.
What distinguishes a good wine from an ordinary wine, or an excellent wine from a good one, is the aroma, as well as the flavour.


Wine should not only be smelt and tasted. But it should also be “listened to”. Like us, it has a body and a presence.


Learning to drink wink means learning to appreciate it as something that goes beyond its effects: this is the base of alcohol awareness.

The label

Each wine produced by the Azienda Agricola Prione has its own identity and intrinsic value to be revealed. Bottling and labelling are the final rituals of the entire production process. Each label serves to reveal that intrinsic value hidden in each bottle. Wine tasting is a global sensorial experience, an encounter between history, art, nature and design.

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The taste of wine is like music: infinitely varied.