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Azienda Agricola Prione

The Oil

Selection of olives harvested by hand

The olive grove

The morphologic conformation of the land and the microclimate influenced by the nearby Lake Garda, are elements which greatly characterise the cultivation of this crop at this altitude and latitude. The fact that the olive grove is situated at an altitude greater than 550 meters a.s.l. considerably increases the level of immunity against external parasites.

The Azienda Agricola Prione produces an extra virgin olive oil of a superior category. The oil is obtained from an accurate selection of olives coming solely from its farm, hand-picked, and promptly processed with a cold pressing process at its oil mill.
The crushing of the newly picked olives together with the operating modes according to state-of-the-art methods based on the latest systems guarantee that the product maintains all its organoleptic properties.

The Harvest

The hand-picked olives are placed in baskets and immediately taken to the oil mill. Promptness in this phase helps keep the oil acidity levels low and avoids the onset of organoleptic defects.
One of the added values which distinguishes the Azienda Agricola Prione is that it has its very own oil mill.


The milling cycle begins with the defoliator, which filters out leaves and twigs collected with the olives. The olives are then washed to guarantee that they arrive at the mill perfectly clean, free from dust and other impurities carried to the fields by the wind. The olives reach the mill and the actual production process begins.

At this point, the olive paste falls into the kneading machine, where the particles are mixed to make large drops emerge. In this phase, experience plays a leading role: here the yield is decided and all the aromas of the oil are released. Working at a temperature lower than 25°C guarantees the production of a high quality product.

From the kneading machine, by means of a pump the paste reaches the decanter. The decanter used at the Azienda Agricola Prione does not use water, but exploits the sole centrifugal force to separate the solid part from the liquid. With this solution, the amount of water-soluble polyphenols and vitamins remains more or less unchanged.

Once accurately filtered, the oil is ready to be consumed.

The quality

The password for the entire production process is quality. Quality sought in all the process phases: from the strict selection of olives during harvesting to the rigorous milling operation, bottling and storage. The process ends with the packaging phase, which combines the refinement of an elegant package with the necessary prerogatives for perfect product storage.

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The password for the entire production process is quality.